Comment on “Dishonorable Disclosures”

Well, the G(as)O(il)P(etrochem.) is at it again!  Not a surprise from the “Trustfund Baby” ticket.  When Bushcheney, the Trustfund/professionaldraftdeferrment regime was in power, they attacked John Kerry (a decorated Vet).  These are the “Uber Rich” taking care of their own.

To use War Veterans to protect the spawn of those who give their allegience to Grover Norquist (el supremo) is dispicable.

Do you truly wonder why unemployment remains high?  Well, the USA is now a “secondary” market.  The growth is in the rest of the world, where “consumers” are being created, we’ve bought everything they have to sell (more Buicks sold in China than the USA.  No President will take that on!

This is my first post, I know it rambled.  I only ask you to do your own research, DON’T DITTO!  Or don’t vote.

If you make less than 250K per year and vote Republican, you’ve been had.  And I’m not promoting “class warfare”, that war has been fought and the rich won. 

Finally, why does the money I’ve earned with determination and sweat since age 8 get taxed at twice as much as someone who buys and sells businesses and people?

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